At Seascapes3D we are able to create an accurate 3 dimentional and  interactive visualisation of any reef system or underwater seascape based on real world bathymetric data.

This enables us to provide whole new platform for both visualising the marine environment and collating data of any given reef or environment.

Because we can now view a reef system in its entirety, without the restrictions on underwater visibility which are natural barriers to traditional visuals such as video, we believe this new way of seeing the underwater world in a holistic and strikingly immersive experience can be beneficial in helping scientists, donors and government agencies build a mental image of a given environment which in turn will help them both remember and place value on each area. It also hugely benefits us when planning research expeditions as we can identify accurately before hand areas we wish to concentrate our efforts on.

Our platform is able to assimilate every kind of media, we also believe that each site we produce the base topography for can be used as a template for all existing and future data and information to be placed thereby creating a visually satisfying database of information and research results which can be shared with other stakeholders.

Data we can includes on our models:

Video and Photo’s –  If we know where footage is shot, we can place it on the base map and it can be viewed at full resolution when we navigate to that spot.

3D models –  Enable us to view an individual coral from any angle and any distance at our leisure on our computer. For example we can add accurate, measurable models of any species of coral using photogrammetry techniques, these can then be assessed and revisited over time and added to the base model to give a very real and easy to understand view of the ongoing health of a particular reef or individual coral. We can also add life like models of any marine life such as Manta, shark, turtle, and any species of reef or pelagic fish. This enables us to add any positively identified species to the model even if no video of the animal is captured or the footage is unusable.

Text – it is possible to add a species identification, observation, depth or even a link to a complete scientific report anywhere on each map.

GPS positions

Tidal data

Moon phases

Observation and measuring grids